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write a murder mystery at home

​Write your own murder mystery party while maintaining your social distance

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Part 1 of Jack's YouTube Mystery Writing Series

Murder Mystery Party Writing Workbook

Develop your motive, means and opportunity at home with my guidance and support. We'll conspire via Skype, telephone and email while I guide you through the entire process using my "Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System" workbook.

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Dear Self-Quarantined Wordsmith,

You find yourself in a very unique

position. Your creative juices are

flowing, but you can’t get out and hone

your skills at a murder mystery writing

class or workshop. I understand your

frustration. The challenge to you is to

use your valuable time in the most

effective way possible.

Let me introduce myself. My name is

Jack Pachuta, but many of my murder

mystery customers at Mysteries on the

Net know me as “The Chief Inspector.”

For more than a decade, I’ve taught

murder mystery writers like you how to

construct exciting whodunits at my

Mystery Writing Boot Camps, three-day events during which I assist my writing colleagues to finalize customized plots.

With the uncertainties facing us today, travel is difficult and plans can change at a moment’s notice. I’d welcome hosting you at one of my Boot Camps, but I also understand that you are working at home and need the information delivered to you in a different, more personal way.

That’s why this workshop is for you . . .

By enrolling in this Mystery Party Workshop, you’ll acquire the writing skills you’re looking for by working with me via Skype, telephone and email. Utilizing my “Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System,” I’ll guide you through motive, means, and opportunity as you enhance your writing skills to construct the event you’ve been thinking about for years. Watch the videos on this website to get a flavor for the Workshop.

This is not an online course . . .

It is, instead, a one-on-one dialogue with me, supplemented by conference calls with a cadre of other individuals from across the country who are also enrolled in the workshop. I’ll even spend time reviewing your murder mystery, refining your diligent work and making your mystery one that you’ll be proud of.


Then, discover more by clicking on the blue bar below. You’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions about what you can expect when you enroll. I look forward to working with you.


Jack Pachuta
The Chief Inspector

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