FAQs about ​the Mystery Party Workshop

What will I receive when I enroll in

the Workshop?

In addition to a great interactive learning

experience, you'll also receive:

- A downloadable copy of my

Super-Secret Murder Mystery

Writing System. This 62-page workbook

sells for $89 at online booksellers. We'll

use it as a framework for constructing your 

murder mystery.

- One of the Murder Mystery Kits from

my Mysteries on the Net website. You'll

be given a personal Coupon Code worth

$39.77 that will enable you download the kit and stage one of my 32 challenging murder mysteries for your friends and family.

- A downloadable copy of my 5-Minute Mysteries book that sells online for $12.95.

That's $141.72 of murder mystery value that is automatically included with your enrollment. So, the Workshop pays for itself!

​How much time will be devoted to the instruction?

At least six hours of mystery writing training and consultation is including in the Workshop. AND, at least two hours of it is personal one-on-one critique and plot development time. 

Since writers from many locations will enroll, you'll be able to meet them and share ideas during a series of small-group conference calls that will enable you to expand your mystery writing horizons. All of our interaction will be via Zoom, conference calls or emails.

When will the instruction be scheduled?

The exact schedule will be determined by you and by the other writers enrolled in the Workshop. However, our first session will take place no later than Wednesday, October 20th. Because all of us are working at home and can connect from anywhere in the world, we have the flexibility to earmark times that are agreeable to our writing colleagues.

Remember: you are guaranteed at least six hours of instruction (at least two hours of it one-on-one).

How much does the Workshop cost?

A lot less than you think. Click on the blue bar below to find out more.

write a murder mystery at home

Develop your motive, means and opportunity at home with my guidance and support. We'll conspire via Zoom, telephone and email while I guide you through the entire process using my "Super-Secret Murder Mystery Writing System" workbook.

Part 2 of Jack's YouTube Mystery Writing Series

Book a Zoom Murder Mystery with Professional Actors as Suspects!

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